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We save neighborhoods and communities not just buildings. Grande Venues, Inc. was founded by Paul Warshauer and Mike Novelli in Wheaton, IL. They created the company because they shared a deep passion for preserving historic theatres as well as promoting live performing arts. GVI was formed in response to a growing need for historic property experts and developers to revitalize the many projects across the country. GVI takes a practical approach in determining the viability of a property. Rather than spec out any building improvements or changes, GVI focuses attention on developing a successful business and programming format rather than on the bricks and mortar.
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GVI's strategy for theatres is to create a programming format that provides quality entertainment without the high risk of continually hiring top talent acts. Although top talent acts are not excluded from a typical GVI programming format, they are presented in a sparing fashion. GVI focuses on specific categories of live entertainment and movies that appeal to a broader audience (kid's programs, classic movies, vaudeville style acts, cultural music, and teen band concerts among many others). It is GVI's opinion that performing arts and other forms of entertainment truly need to be integrated into the community in order for today's theatres to succeed. GVI has been involved in several historic theatre projects across the country. Currently, GVI provides consulting and development services for municipalities, independent developers, and financial institutions. GVI services include; Business Development, Fundraising, Legal Structure/Formation, Programming, Theatre Operations, Restoration and Renovation.
Grande Venues, Inc. • Historic Property Development & Consulting • PO Box 33, New Ulm, MN 56073 Tele: (312) 550-7868 • EMAIL