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Ellendale Hotel, Lyric Theatre, and the Ellendale Opera House, in Ellendale, North Dakota

In December of 2007 the Retzler Group created a new entity, Historic Ellendale Land Development Company, LLC with Peggy Gilbert and local businessman, Jeff Langley. The group purchased the Nodak Hotel (formerly the Dickey Hotel and Ellendale Hotel). HELD has begun work to restore it as a boutique hotel with 20 rooms, a Café and artist workshop and gallery. In May, 2006 and in June of 2007 the Economic Development Director of Ellendale (Patricia Bowen) retained Grande Venues/ Retzler Group to perform consulting services for the Lyric Theatre, Nodak Hotel and the Ellendale Opera House downtown. Paul Warshauer spent several days talking with local business people, educators, the Mayor, and members of the public. He conducted two informal meetings and developed an “Executive Plan” to open the Lyric Theatre. The city and JDA is still raising money and awareness for the projects.
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